Deploy a revised AppV package in a snap using ConfigMgr12 (SCCM2012)

You’ve now been deploying AppV packages using ConfigMgr12 for a few weeks or months and mastered the whole process, but you’ve just received and important update to one of the products you sequenced. How do you go about updating all your clients with this new update?

I’m taking into account that you already know how to edit and update an AppV bubble (AppV4 or AppV5), and that you’ve tested this new package again and again; you’re just puzzled as to how to translate the deployment/update operation using ConfigMgr12.

Let’s start with identifying where, in your DML (Device Media Library), are located both of your AppV packages (the current one and the revised one).


*Note: Always keep your current AppV package (aka “not-containing-the-update”) in case your revised package fails and you need to rollback quickly.

You’ll notice I always use a package release number in my naming convention to clearly identify the different evolutions of a product’s packages.


Now, in ConfigMgr, go to the Application’s Deployment Types section and make a copy of the current Deployment Type.



To the question “Do you want to copy this deployment type and add it to application?” answer “Yes”.


Then, change its name to reflect the package release number, then click “Apply” and “OK”



Then choose to Update Content on the new Deployment Type …



…and make sure to enter/browse the location of your revised package!



Once done, make sure to Increase its Priority in the Deployment Type list…



… so it becomes “higher” in the list than the “un-updated’ AppV package.



Finally, find your associated Collection, and choose “Client Notification > Download Policy”


Note: Choose Computer Policy or User Policy according to your Device-Centric or User-Centric Deployment

Depending on the time delay you set for your ConfigMgr clients, they should get this revised AppV package in no time.


Need to rollback quickly? Change the Deployment Type priority again to have your old package higher than your revised package, and trigger the Client Notification > Download Client Policy again on the given Collection.



  1. Create your revised AppV package (not shown in this document)
  2. Identify this revised package clearly in your DML, and keep your current package where it’s at (in case of rollback)
  3. Make a copy of the Deployment Type, and change its Name
  4. Update Content on this new Deployment Type and be sure to locate the revised package folder
  5. Change the Priority Order to have this new Deployment Type “higher” in the list
  6. Find the associated Collection, and choose “Client Notification > Download Policy”

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One thought on “Deploy a revised AppV package in a snap using ConfigMgr12 (SCCM2012)”

  1. Great article. However, you leave different versions on the client. No problem for small packages but huge issue when you have multiple big sized packages.

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